Kamiel Vorwerk is an Amsterdam based spatial designer/artist working on the creation, activation, and transformation of *public spaces.

His concept of public space is informed by his Dutch background, in which the word “publiek” (public) carries a dual meaning, referring to both openly accessible space and also an audience. It is his purpose to create spatial experiences that reveal context, interaction, and beauty.

His work is distilled from his fascination of how people interact with their environment. Especially when landscape and architectural elements transform into attractions to the public. 
He works on self-initiated projects as well as in commission. 

Kamiel Vorwerk graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006 after which he gained his master in Design at the Sandberg Institute (Rietveld Academy) in 2008. He co-founded Studio RuigWerk (office for Experience Architecture) together with Ernst Ruijgrok in 2011. With Studio Ruigwerk Kamiel Vorwerk designed and developed exhibitions, visitor’s centres, strategies, and identities. He worked for various international companies, cultural foundations, and governmental organisations. From 2019 he focusses on his main fascination, the design of public spaces.

Studio Kamiel Vorwerk
Plantage Middenlaan 62
1018 DH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

‭+31 6 47 78 68 98‬

RuigWerk Office for Experience Design



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